2016 CITA Election Results

Thank you to everyone that voted in our recent board election!

We'd like to welcome new members Nate Cline, Todd Slaymaker, and Zach Bonzer!

We'd also like to thank Matt Gumm, Steve Wiseman, Doc Finck, Mary Boles, and Randy Aldridge for their time and efforts during this past term.  Thank you!

The board is made up of local volunteers who have a passion for building and maintaining dirt trails for everyone to enjoy.

The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month.  Location changes depending on room availability - but we are looking for a semi-permanent location.  Our meetings are open to members and non-members, and we'd love to have you join us.  Reach out and we'll let you know when and where.

Please feel free to reach out to any one of us with questions, comments, and ideas.

Returning board members include:

Nick Ludwig, President
Aaron Vance, Vice President
Cheryl Dralle, Treasurer
Phil Kabrick
Andy Peterson
Evan Koester
Jared Morford
John Millanes