Trail Status

A short, fun trail in beautiful eastside Des Moines' Grandview park.



Grandview Park trail loops around the park. It mostly stays in the trees and follows the contours of the park's several ridges. It flows nicely in the trees offering some short little climbs as well as spots to get some speed and enjoy. Even with its short distance you can enjoy some variety by riding it in either direction.  It was designed and built by the same team that built Center Trails and has features consistent with the new Roller Coaster, Poolside, and Hillside trails in terms of flow and use of topography.

There are several points at which the trail comes close to the disc golf baskets. Be aware and courteous to other users of the park.


Grandview Park is located on Des Moines' eastside at 3230 Easton Boulevard.

From I-235: Take the Guthrie Ave exit and head east. At the stoplight with E 29th keep straight to the top of the hill. Turn left and you will find parking.

trail segments

Grandview singletrack

Length: 1.68 miles
Challenge: Easy/Intermediate

Starting from the parking located at Hole 1 of the frisbee golf course, head south (uphill) and wind your way on the paved road until you see a kiosk next to Hole 15's tee. Ride along the grass toward the pine trees and circle around Hole 15's basket and around Hole 16's tee.  The trail enters the forest just to the west of the picnic shelter/playground area near Hole 16's basket.

The trail winds through the forest following the contour of the ridges. It offers some nice flow, some minor elevation changes, and broad sweeping turns as it winds its way along the east side of the park.

You will cross the park's road two times.  Each time you will re-enter where there is a pavement marker like most street pedestrian crossings.

The trail ends at Hole 1's basket area, ride up to the road. From there you can turn around and ride it in the alternate direction, or ride south, up the pavement back to where you started at Hole 15.