Trail Status

A south-side playground around the hills of Ewing Park



Ewing Park hosts Flow Trails and singletrack trails that wind through the thick forest of Ewing Park.

The Flow Trail starts off the western most parking area near the BMX track (accessible off McKinley). There are 3 trails - a jump line, and two flow lines that start at the top of the hill in the trees.  Use the entrance flow trail to get to the tree line.

Several singletrack trails circumnavigate up the hillside on the south side of the park.  They converge at the top, so you can choose any path back down.

Professionally designed and built, they flow well.


Ewing Park is located on the south side of Des Moines.

Parking is available off McKinley Avenue near the playground. On the east side of the playground there is an entrance to the singletrack (Trail A) that will take you to the main trails on the other side of the Soapbox Derby track.

Parking is also available off McKinley further west at the BMX Track entrance for the Flow Trails.

trail segments

Flow trails

Challenge: Easy to Moderate/More Difficult

The three flow lines begin off the parking lot just past the BMX track, but before the Soapbox derby track. All flow trails are directional, one-way.

Return Connector - The trail closest to the BMX track is the return (one-way) connector.

Pre-amp - This short connector flow line is the way to get to the tree line.

Grave Digger - The jump line that parallels the Soapbox Derby track. The line is challenging as you gain speed and considered "more difficult".

Railsplitter - At the tree line the western most flow line (the one on the right) has the biggest berms and is "more difficult". Meant to flow without any brakes, this line is a fun swoopy ride.

Jamestown - The other tree line flow trail (on the left) is still challenging but is a good place to start to ride down the hill and not ride your brakes.  The berms aren't quite as big, and the turns aren't as big as Railsplitter.

Return Connector - The trail at the bottom of the hill forks left to return to the top of the hill, or forks right to cross the sidewalk and is the main connection to get to Trail A.

Trail A

Challenge: Easy to Moderate

Trail A connects you from the parking lot to the main trails. It winds along the creek and provides some tight, twisty challenges.

Trail 1, 2, 3, 4, C, B

Challenge: Easy to Moderate

These trails wind their way up the hill and provide some enjoyable flow downhill. A good ride is taking B or C up to the top where the other trails converge and come downhill.

Advanced loop

Challenge: Moderate

The Advanced Loop flows along the Soapbox Derby track through the dense growth along the creek. It provides some challenges